Recent world events have made us all aware how vulnerable we are to potential terrorist attacks. As citizens we all have a responsibility to our family, friends, neighbors and community to be informed and be alert at all times. The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council is made up of representatives from fire, law enforcement, EMS, local boards of health, and local hospitals, public works, emergency management, regional transit and government administration from Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire Counties. Our job is to make sure that the 101 communities we serve are safe and well prepared through training, regional planning and the right equipment.

When a disaster strikes there is often little time to plan. A disaster can be natural, chemical, biological, and can even occur in cyberspace affecting the integrity of technological systems that are essential to efficiency and safety in our daily lives. As citizens, there are things that you to can do to better prepare for an emergency.

Learn what you can do today to be prepared tomorrow.